Secret method to have baby face!
Let’s find hidden V-line face!

Double Chin


Double chin removal is a surgery to remove double chin by suck fat from under chin
when thereare a lot of fat under chin and neck, especially for who have ugly chin line because of fat.

Double chin makes face much bigger and can leave bad impression so it is necessary to be treated.
Double chin removal is non-incision facial contouring surgery that can have the result of
lifting as removing fat under chin and have fine v-line after it.

Small and V-line face

Can have sharp face line and
baby face

Swelling goes away quickly so
can go back to daily life right after

Can give better impression

Skillful Know-how

Advantage of FRESH double chin removalWho needs double chin removal or jawline liposuction?
01Can get double chin removal surgery right after
consultation on the same day
Who have saggy jawline
02Short operation time (30mins to 1 hour)Who have a lot of fat especially around chin
03No need to worry about scar
( only about 3mm incision under chin)
Who have unclear jawline because of fat
04Monitored anesthesiaWho have double chin because of fat
05Can go back to daily life right after surgery
without recovery time
Who have non- pleasing image with dull jawline

remove double chin by Accu-zet

V-line Surgery which can make refine
V-line face line without cutting any bone.

Patent acquisition from the patent and Trademark Office!

resh’s Accu-zet V contouring 
(waterzet liposuction+accusculpt)
Safety and the effectiveness approved

Fresh’s Accu-zet V contouring procedure

 Removing the unnecessary fat!  Fat down, saggy skin up! 

Accu-zet V contouring exploits water-zet+Accusculpt as a patent surgery procedure.
A strong aqua spray from the Water-zet method separates fat from tissues
Micro fat cells and facial wrinkles are removed with 1444nm ND-YAG
And a firm and tight V-shape facial line is made semi-permanent without sharpening your bone.

Advantage of Accu-jet facial fat contouring surgery

Technic 01. A safe Water-zet facial liposuction

Extra attention is required for the facial liposuction Since there are complex nerves and veins located in the face. Fresh’s water-zet liposuction applies microscopic water spray to separate fat from its Nerve and vein for a detailed operation.

Technic 02. Skin lift and left over fat cells removed using Accusulpt

The most effective one for micro lipo cells break down, Removing the left over fat cells selectively as well as stimulating the dermis which stimulates collagen formation which help skin with tightening and the lifting and a slim facial line at the same time.

Technic 03. The know-how through many clinical results

Accuzet V Contouring categorized liposuction

Subject to surgery for Fresh Accuzet V-line contouring

Chubby cheek

Having no effect after face contour surgery

Oversized face after excessive fat graft

Drooping chin and giving disturbed look

Case of moon face

Double chin or short chin