F   R   E   S   H       P   L   A   S   T   I   C       S   U   R   G   E   R   Y

Full-bosomed breast and soft texture as like natural breast!

Breast Surgery

    • Customized
    • autologous
      fat grafting
  • the best volume,
    the best texture

FRESH’s VAUDRAI breast Surgery

 It is the way of inserting suitable size of implant into breast, and then injecting autologous fat onto upper side, 
 so it is recommended surgery especially for women who are skinny and have flat breast.

It is possible to enlarge breast as much as you want, and you can get natural breast with the best feeling of touch.
If patients are extremely skinny and only use implant for breast augmentation,
there is high possibility that it looks really artificial,
and injected implant can be seen and also can feel hardness when touch it after surgery.
However, by VAUDRAI breast surgery, it is possible to make breast naturally bigger and softer.







Features of
VAUDRAI breast surgery

  It is possible to enlarge the size of breast as much
  as patients want by inserting implant.
   To make harmonious body proportion after surgery,
   Doctor chose suitable implant type depending on patient’s body shape.

  Similar feeling with natural breast by PRP fat grafting
   Make breast very soft as like natural breast by fat grafting using
   Harvest Jet 2 which is professional equipment of breast fat grafting.

Glamorous and busty breast
Look like genuine breast in every movement

VAUDRAI breast surgery

FRESH helps patients select the implant to make beautiful breast considering size
and shape depending on each patient’s needs

Smooth type with smooth surface
Texture type with rough surface

Surface is smooth
Has sandy surface weave
About the operation
During surgery,
make a wide space to insert implant so that it makes implant can move inside
During surgery, implant will be fit into the surgical area.
Feel nature and natural movement
There is a less chance to have capsular contracture
because the implant will fit into tissues of breast
To prevent scapular contracture, massage is necessary for 6months
If patient has flat breast or have saggy breast later,
implant can be touchable because of thin membrane.
For whom
- Who have sagging breasts
- Who have small breasts but having soft skin
- Who have enough glamorous breast
- Who have hard skin or hard muscles around breast which is hard to
    get massage after surgery
Natural  movement and feel genuine,
but needs massage for better feeling
Less possibility to have capsular contracture
and don’t need massage

  • POINT 1
    Perfect Glamourous Breast

    Make glamorous and natural breast
    by inserting implant
    depending on patient’s
    body shape and
    engrafting fat
  • POINT 2
    Feel Soft

    By fat grafting, there is less feeling of implant so can have more natural
    touch and shape even
    when you lie down
  • POINT 3
    Natural Cleavage

    Size up by inserting implant,
    and can have natural cleavage
    by fat grafting
  • POINT 4
    Customized Size

    Don’t need to choose too big
    implant size, can choose
    suitable size because of
    fat grafting

FRESH VAUDRAI Breast Surgery
FRESH’s technique and efforts for the best rate of engraftment


To make better rate of engraftments which is caused by breakdown of fat cell,
Harvest jet is the latest equipment which can collect fat cells without any breakdown of cells,
and separate fibrous tissue and free oil from cells to remove things which is not helpful for
fat engraftment, then inject fat cells equally into panniculus carnosus, panniculus,
and the layer of dermis.

  • Minimize
    damage of
    fat cells
  • Automatically filtering of fiber tissues

  • Can solve
    fatty part by liposuction
  • Safety
    fat grafting

General Cannula

Cannula which is used for fat grafting is
hard to extract fat delicately,
and there is high possibility to have bad swelling,
bruise and bleeding a lot.
Because it is hard to extract fat delicately,
the size of extracted fat is different,
so the rate of engraftment is low.
Therefore it is only effective for short-term

small multi hole Cannula

Small multi hole Cannula which is used
for PRP facial fat grafting can extract fact delicately,
so can minimize damage of cells and bleeding.
o patients can have less swelling and bruise.
After extracting fat cells,
inject fat cells tightly so that it can enhance the elasticity of
vskin and make the rate of engraftment higher.

FRESH PRP Fat grafting

For safe and better rate of engraftment

Order of fat liposuction


To extract fat cells,
separate fat by water spray,
and then apply pressure to
separated fat not to be damaged.

Dual filtering

Extracted fat will be filtered by
automatic filtering equipment
and then get
only FRESH micro fat cells.

Extracting only pure fat

FRESH healthy fat cells
specially filtered

Fat grafting

By FRESH’s special MESH method,
inject fat cells equally
into panniculus carnosus,
panniculus, and the layer of dermis.

Procedure of VAUDRAI breast surgery starts from 1 to 1 consultation,
and we check each patient’s complains about their breast so that everyone can get natural glamorous breast after surgery.

Extracting fat

By Cannula,
extract fat from thigh or abdomen


To get high concentration fat cells,
separate fat and moisture
by centrifuge

Graft breast tissues.

Separate extracted fat into pure fat
and insert fat cells into breast tissues.

Exfoliate pectoral
muscle’s muscle

To have a space to put implant,
exfoliate the muscles of surgical area
by armpit incision or under breast incision

Insert implant

Considering patient’s body condition,
insert implant through under breast
or armpit.

Stitch the surgical area

Treatment using Healight laser can help
skin regenerated and make swelling
and bruise less.

Any incision part cannot be perfect decision.
However, FRESH operates surgeries as making an incision on the area that can be the best for
each patient after diagnosing advantage and disadvantage of all areas.

Armpit incision

By incising the deepest fold in the armpit,
scar is hard to be seen and also there is less possibility of having hardness caused by capsular contracture.
In addition, it doesn’t touch mammary gland during surgery so the rate of infection is low.

Under breast incision

By incising under breast,
it is possible to secure a clear view for accurate surgery,
and also the recovery time is short.
And also it is hard to see scar because scar is under the breast.

What it the best method of surgery and incision part for me?

 As previously explained, it is hard to say that a specific surgery is the best. 
 So if you come to FRESH, you will have better result that you can be satisfied because doctor will 
 diagnose each person’s body carefully and find out what kind of method and incision is the best for each patient. 

Who wants natural breast shape
and genuine feeling

Who are afraid of
inserting implant

Who want to recover and back
to daily life as soon as possible

Who wants to fix asymmetry
or has flat upper breast

Who wants to fix asymmetry
or has flat upper breast

Who don’t want to leave scar