F R E S H   P L A S T I C   S U R G E R Y

Diamond Line
Facial Fat Graft

From the Forehead to Cheeks
and down to the Chin Line

The 3D Volumized Youthful
Look that Connects down Naturally.

What is
It is a surgery in which fat is extracted and
inserted from and into particular parts of our own face or
body without experiencing side effects of implants.
This procedure gives you a plumped up, 3 dimensional volume look.
The engrafted fat cells do not absorb or degenerate and is semi-permanent.
Since the fat cells itself are not hard, it can be applied to any parts of the body.
The advantages are that patients can also undergo an additional 2nd revision touch up
if not satisfied with primary surgery results.
Surgery is quick, simple and easy and patients can return to daily life.

Fresh has conducted more research for you. 
Diamond Line Facial Fat Graft

What is the Diamond Line?

In achieving a natural and flawless look with facial fat grafting, 
it is important to recognize where to transfer the fat. 
Fresh, with plenty of experience lines the
forehead to front cheek to the line of the chin in order to achieve

3 dimensional youthful look.

What is
Diamond Line
Facial Fat Graft


FRESH Diamond Line Facial Fat Graft
Bring out your own beauty!
What is PRP?

PRP contain abundant growth factors from platelet such as cytokines,
PDGF, TGF-ß1, VEGE, IGF etc.
These growth factors promote overall growth of cell production of collagen and
hyaluronic acid and help with faster skin-cell reproduction.

A Fantastic Combination
of Fat Grafting
and PRP

Fresh’s Continuous Effort for
Greater Engraftment!

 Fresh’s Diamond Line Facial Fat Graft
Look Surprisingly Younger with Fat Grafting Results
Fresh’s Own Unique way of
PRP Fat Grafting

PRP Fat Grafting is using your own blood
for greater engraftment results.

With Fat Grafting you can fill in mostly any parts of the face to achieve a definite contoured face line.
This procedure is like the last stage completion of any plastic surgery.
However, it doesn’t mean that anyone can become gorgeous just filling in parts with fat.

To grasp each individual’s facial features and to effectively understand and point out which kind of procedure is right,
surgeons experience and aesthetic senses is very important and it influences on the surgery results.
With a specialized background knowledge in fat grafting and more than 20,000 successful cases,
we will find you the best 1:1 customized design which suit you and for the highest satisfaction for our patients.

What is
Diamond line
Facial Fat Graph?


Fresh’s Diamond Line Facial Fat Graft
Why Diamond Line?
This is Fresh’s own unique method which has taken into account the
Golden Proportion Ratio Design from a professional aesthetic point of view.

FRESH’s Diamond Line Facial Fat Graft

Zygoma to Zygoma 1, Forehead down to Cheek Line 1.618

Standard for Beauty 1:1.618 Undergoing a Golden Proportion Ratio

 Hoping Your Beautifulness will shine like a Diamond Forever. 

Let’s find the Golden Proportion Ratio of our face!
Physiognomists say 1:1:1 (Forehead, nose and the chin) Ration is the Golden Ratio.
How close are our faces to the Golden Proportion?

FRESH’s Diamond Line Facial Fat Graft
The same fat relocation but contrastingly different depending on how it’s performed
( Frontal Zygoma Case )

The Same Fat Transfer
but Different Design, Totally Different Effect
If too much fat is grafted to the side of zygoma (zygoma arch),
it makes your impression very strong.

If too much is grafted to the lower but of the zygoma, you will look aged and have a saggy impression.

With Fresh’s expert background knowledge, you can achieve a feminine and youthful look.

What is
Diamond line
Facial Fat Graph?

Sugery Process

Consultation and Surgery Plan

Precise Diagnosis and Detailed Consultation with Doctor for the Best Results.

Marking where to collect fat
and where to transfer the fat.
Collection of Fat

Treatment using Healite which help with skin regeneration, de-swelling, bruises and care.
Also assist with fast recovery post-surgery.

FRESH's Diamond Facial Fat Graft
Diamond Facial Fat Graft
Surgery Process

From one’s own platelet-rich-plasma (PRP),
the collection of the high concentrated growth factor is separated.
Our research has made it available to extract the high concentrated pure fat that increases the engraftment rate.

Separation of
Growth Factor

The use of centrifuge for collection of high concentrated fat cells and separation
of fat and water.
Fat Grafting

Fat grafting into 3 layers for greater engraftment
 (From the muscle bed, to subcutaneous fat layer to the dermis)
Aftercare – Healite

Treatment using Healite which help with skin regeneration, de-swelling, bruises and care.
Also assist with fast recovery post-surgery.

What is
Diamond line
Facial Fat Graph?


Depending on which skin layer fat is inserted to, the donor site differs.
With the MESH Technique,
Fat is spread evenly into multiple layers with a micro cannula.
Also with the different fat from each of the donor sites,
the Harvest-Jet machine is used for refinement and fat is
inserted to each of the skin layers.
This multiple layer 3D insertion of the fat minimizes the
interval within and result in a greater and longer maintaining period

FRESH's Diamond Line Facial Fat Graft
Micro fat grafting along with all layer fat grafting
The Fresh MESH method

The Fresh MESH method

The traditional way of fat grafting was by using a thick cannula to insert the fat in which it resulted in inconsistent size of fat cells.
Fresh’s MESH technique uses the smallest micro cannula for collection of fat therefore it makes it possible for the micro fat grafting
(FAMI Method) and All Layer Fat Grafting Procedure. In particular, with the FAMI Method (Fat Autograft Muscle Injection),
the insertion takes place on the muscle layer deeper than the fat layer and so the outcome is greater engraftment
and maintaining period is significantly longer than before.
Harvest-Jet machine is used for refinement and fat is inserted to each of the skin layers.
This multiple layer 3D insertion of the fat minimizes the interval within and result in a greater and longer maintaining period.

FRESH’s Diamond Line Facial Fat Graft

For Greater Engraftment and Maintaining Period

Procedures that go well with the
Diamond Line Facial Fat Graft


High Growth Factor for
Greater Engraftment
Harvest-Jet 2

Fresh’s Own Unique Fat
Collection Technique
Stem Cell

In-depth research for a longer
maintaining period

Different way of
collecting fat

Harvest-Jet 2

FRESH’s Diamond Line Facial Fat Graft
Fresh’s technique and efforts
for thegreatest engraftment results!

Harvest-Jet 2

Using state-of-the-art equipment to decrease the rate in which fat cells get damaged,
secondary filtering to separate the fiber and oil from fat is undertaken.
From the muscle, fat to the epidermis fat cells are dispersed evenly and inserted.

  • Minimal
    Damage to
    Fat Cells
  • Automatic Filtering of the Fiber Tissues

  • Also a solution
    for obesity
    in the area
  • Safe Fat Engraftment

General Cannula

Traditional cannula is difficult to collect fine fat cell and
have high risk of damaging tissue and blood vessels
that cause big swelling and bruises.
Collected fat cell’s sizes are different and
retention rate is low so you can expect short-term
volume enhancement only.

Small Multi-Hole Cannula

Small Multi- Hole Cannula,
which is used in PRP Dia-line facial fat grafting,
collect fat very delicately.
It minimizes tissues and blood vessels damage so patent barely
have swelling and bruises.

uniform sized fat and firmly injected fat has high retention rate
and prevent skin sagging so you can expect maximum result.

Fresh’s Diamond line fat grafting

Fat grafting collection process

For safer and higher retention rate

Collecting Fat

Using water spray method,
separate fat from tissue safely and suck out the fat with damage free designed negative pressure.

Double Filtering

 Collected fat is transported to
(Automatic filtering machine)
directly and filtering out to
fresh micro fat.

Extracting pure fat

Carefully filtered health fat

Fat grafting

Using Fresh’s MESH method, insert fat into muscles to fat to dermis layer (small quantity multi-layer injection) for high retention rate and flawless line.

Fresh’s Diamond line fat grafting

More safer, Greater Engraftment

Harvest-jet 2 Surgery Process

FRESH's Diamond Line Facial Fat Graft
Making it available for greater engraftment

Harvest-Jet 2 Method of Collecting fat

  • All Fat Graft Procedures at Fresh include the
    Contouring Injection

PRPTOX Fat Graft

Since the movements of forehead muscles reduce the
survival rate of the fat cell making unwanted lines,
patients need to be careful while to minimize
the movement of forehead muscles.

For those in need of fat graft due to flat,
sunken and uneven areas or those with excess
fat on the zygoma and cheeks.

At Fresh, to minimize the side effects from the conventional method of fat grafting,
we have come up with the Diamond Facial Fat Grafting method which use the Harvest-Jet 2 machine
for precise fat collection, One’s own PRP for faster recovery and most importantly,
for more successful results that enhance fat engraftment.

Popular areas to undergo Diamond Line Facial Fat Graft

Diamond Line
Facial Fat Graph

Before & After
Surgery Precautions

Before Surgery
Please Read Carefully

For a safer surgery and successful results, it is important to pay attention to the precautions.
Please make sure to arrive on scheduled time in order to proceed with surgery.

 (The exact schedule will be given according to schedule and patients will be
 informed and reminded one day before surgery) 

Before Surgery
What are the  pre-cautions before surgery?

  • Please DO NOT consume any food 6 hours prior to the time of operation.
    This includes gum, candy, etc. This is to ensure that anesthesia will work properly.
    You may drink water (just in small amounts) up until 4 hours prior to surgery.
    Please understand that if fasting is not done properly, surgery may be cancelled.

  • It is recommended that for 1-2 weeks prior to surgery,
    the following drugs and/or food are avoided as they may cause extra bruising and bleeding after surgery.
    Herbal medicine, Aspirine, Vitamin E (multivitamins are okay), Ginseng, Red Ginseng, Ginexin, and other long term prescribed medicine).


  • To reduce side-effects and maximize the fat engraftment, PLEASE do not smoke or drink 1-2 weeks prior to surgery.
    Smoking inhibits the lung’s purifying process and produces phlegm after surgery.
    This can cause a fever or lessens blood circulation and so recovery time is slower and can be a major factor of infection.
    Liver break down alcohol and take 3 days to recover from alcohol damage.
    Please avoid alcohol 1 week in advance if you drink alcohol often or drink a lot at once. (Alcohol affect anesthesia and drug metabolism)


Before Surgery
How should I prepare for surgery?

  • To avoid infections, please make sure to thoroughly cleanse your body,
    and do not use any type of body lotion on the day of surgery.

  • Please do not wear any makeup, use only basic skin-care lotion.
    Please remove any nail polish (includes gel) and do not wear any accessories including any type of piercings.
    Please remove your contact lenses too
  • Please dress in loose and comfortable clothing. We recommend you to avoid wearing short skirts.
    The donor site for fat grafting is decided during consultation on the day of surgery.
    If the fat is collected from your thighs we may need to apply compression bandage around the areas.

  • For Facial fat grafting, your head will be bandaged,
    and so you may find it convenient to wear a hooded top or bring a loose cap/hat to disperse attention.
  • Do not operate any vehicles after surgery. Please call a taxi or use public transportation.
    If possible, contact a family member or friend to assist you.

Before Surgery
Estimated Surgery Time

  • Operation time

    ■ Facial Fat Graft: Approx. 50 mins    ■ AccuZet: Approx.1hr      ■ Lifting: Approx. 30 mins  
    ■ Nose/Chin: Approx. 10 mins      ■ Under Eye-Bag Removal: 30 mins
    This is average time of surgery and actual operation time may vary base on individual’s health condition.
  • Preparation time before surgery 30 mins/ Taking into account approx.
    1 hour recovery time, total operation time will be 3 hours including preparation and recovery time.
    Please note that this may change between individuals.

Before Surgery
Anesthesia and Pain from Surgery

  • For a successful operation, we induce the proper anesthesia needed for your operation.
    To ensure that pain will not be a factor during your operation, you will be put to Twilight sleep.

    Our doctors are well experienced with operations using local and general anesthesia.
    We have done numerous operations with this method and have completed them safely and successfully.

Before & After
Surgery Precautions

After Surgery
Please Read Carefully

For a safer surgery and successful results, it is important to go through these precautions.
The recovery process depends on after care of patients.
For faster recovery and pleasing results, please read the precautions carefully.

After surgery
Surgery day


  • Place your head higher than heart level for 2~3 days. This body position helps de-swelling process.
    Please consume mild and soft good and do not take spicy or salty food.
  • Please use icepacks on surgical areas for 2~3 days but do not give any pressure.
    Two days after, please start warm foot bath and mild walking to subside the swelling.
  • Please wear compression garment or do not remove bandage for 1~ 2 weeks which Fresh strapped.

After surgery
Disinfection Method

  • Needle size incision mark may appear on forehead and lips.
    Two days after the surgery, cleansing, make-up, and washing your hair is possible.
    Incision area should not be wet for 2 days.
  • Incision site on the thighs and abdomen (after 3 days of a surgery).
    Apply antiseptic (Povidone or Betadine) and place a bandage on the incision site.
    From day 4 (from date of surgery) until the day of stitch removal, only use the antiseptic to keep it clean and dry without placing bandage.
    (Applying a bandage for long time would not help the healing process). KEEP AWAY FROM WATER.
  • How to take shower before the stich removal: Shower can be done after 3 days of the surgery with the water-proof bandage on the site of incision.
    After drying yourself, remove the water-proof bandage and apply antiseptic (Povidone) and dry them with dryer.
    After that, please use general bandage to keep your incision clean.
  • Stitch removal within 10~14 days after the surgery, water-proof bandage wouldn’t be necessary for showering from now on.
    (Do not wet the area with the stiches until they are removed)

After Surgery
Healing Process

  • Swelling is the worse from day 3~5 after surgery.
    Within one to two weeks after surgery, and most patients experience different amount of swelling on each areas.
    With patience, swelling will improve a lot. In 1~3 months it will de-swell gradually and the transferred fat will place itself naturally.
    After 3 months, engraftment would take place for its natural look.

  • Swelling is a natural healing process and acupuncture and other natural medication would not help.
    There might be certain amount of bruises, but it would be absorbed within 2~3 weeks.
  • Please do not go on a diet for a month to have the best result.
    Consuming a balanced diet and multi vitamins help raising retention rate.

After surgery

  • DO NOT press or rub fat grafted areas to avoid modify the shapes or cause cell death.
  • Avoid sauna, spa, smoking, alcohol, hat and massage for a month.
  • Make sure to take the prescribed medication for 5 days.
  • Secondary top up is not Must To Have option but has to be done after 2months, around 2~3 months period from the first top up.
    Fresh keep the fat for 3 months only for its safe and the finest quality so please contact us in advance for the preparation.