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Liposuction on the fat arms, bra-line, armpit, accessory breast
Butt up! With fat grafting
Change grannified face into baby-face!
Big face~ the problem is fat not the bone!
Change the bulkiness into smooth v line
Get rid of extra flab from belly
Bumpy forehead + Improve sagging cheeks
AccujetV Contouring + Under eye fat repostioning
Harvest-Jet natural breast fat graft! Natural and voluminous!
3 dimensional face! Diamond line fat graft
Coordinator from our clinic also gets reliable results
Skinny Thighs / Thigh liposuction
FRESH also performs male plastic surgery
All the problems about face are gone!
The problem is fat not the bone!
Transform a chubby dull face to a sharp profile-line
Slender Waist completed!
Her dramatic slim face transformation Without the bone contouring
What was the friend’s secret of the make-over?
Full Face Fat Grafting
Resolved with Accuzet V Contour
Slimmed down look from the back
Compensating the weaknesses with the facial fat grafting
Chubby face!!
Giving volume on a flat chest~
Full body Liposuction
V-line face! The answer is Accu-zet.
Over injected Facial Fat Transfer Correction
Liposuction for abdomen and back area
Lovely lips that everyone wished to have
To remove all fats without shaving bone
The perfect round butt!
From heavy guy to handsome guy
Natural love band just like you were born with it
Fresh Plastic Surgery gave me a new life!!
Chinese girl had facial lipo, fat transfer, eye revision and filler from Fresh Plastic Surgery.
A huge make over for a women in her 40\'s (facial lipo, fat graft, under eye bag relocation)
accu-zet V contouring
What Fat Graft can do for you in Korea, Fresh Plastic Surgery
Good bye double chin~ and old looking smile line
Double chin, accujet & arm lipo surgery at Fresh Plastic Surgery in Korea with Dr.Hong Jong Hyun
The Dual cauthoplasty for the gentle, but bigger and wider eyes !! dual effect!!
The answer is Fresh Plastic Surgery Clinic Facial Contouring Liposuction
Arm+underarm liposuction
Removal of foreign substances due to too much injection.
Harvest-jet 2 Breast ~~
Hip-up fat graft, Real Review
Doublo = Water-gloss skin
Fresh Plastic Surgery model
Fresh Plastic Surgery Ad Video
Natural looking boops even when lying down
Smile line, no chin - QOfill is the answer
Stem cell Fat Grafting - I did it
No more small asian eyes
Male non-incision Ptosis correction
Male eye+nose surgery
Just a little touch on tip of the chin
Harvest-jet2 done
Facial Fat Grafting
Introducing Fresh Plastic Surgery models!!!
Good Bye lumpy belly
No more Double chin~
Full-face Fat Grafting total 45cc
Facial Fat Grafting & Non-incision Cheek liposuction
Full face QOFill
QOFill rejuvenates my forehead
No more double chin
Significant injected volume
finally get to wear my bikini~
Double chin event!! I love it!!
I had ptosis correction
Super power thigh liposuction event!!
Fresh's Plastic Surgery Facial fat grafting
Double chin was disappeared~~ Bye bye
I had filler on chin ^^
3 months have passed after I had a tear drop breast surgery...
buttock augmentation makes my self-esteem go up ~
Satisfaction of belly liposuction revision!!
I got full facial fat grafting~~ 15 days after surgery!!
Harvest-zet 2!! one & half month has passed~~
I have vivid eyes through ptosis correction
Totally changed through facial fat grafting, lower eye bag relocation ♥
Natural forehead~~ It's shining
Review of facial fat grafting and lower eye bag relocation!!
Harvest-zet 2!! Thank you!!!
Harvest-zet2.. That's amazing!!!
Harvest-zet.. That's good enough!!!!
Full face facial fat grafting + breast fat grafting review ^^ Photo is posted...
I had Harvest-zet 2 today!!
Facial fat grafting~~ Lower eye bag repositioning ^^
Facial fat grafting~~ Including fat grafting on chin ^^
The review for Harvest-zet 2
Fat grafting
The review of facial liposuction
I had Harvest-zet!!
Harvest-zet 2 review!! I am sorry it is late ㅠㅠ
The review of Harvest-zet 2
Hello~~ I had calves liposuction at Fresh Plastic Surgery.
Before and after pictures of breast & thigh through Harvest-zet!!
I had fat grafting at Fresh Plastic Surgery!!