We do the rhinoplasty with natural and three-dimension looking in each angle of 360 degree.
We will have the consulting with you first because they have differing views about nose shape.
Therefore it is necessary to precede the surgery with appropriate consultation. Low line nose from forehead,
deviated nose, hooked nose, length of nose, nose shape or nose tip shape and place of tip of nose must
be harmonized with the rest of face. This will give more refined look just by doing the rhinoplasty.
It largely divided into autoplasty and implants. And choosing the type of implants with consideration
of your skin/other condition and designing to blend in to shape of the bridge of the nose will get you the best results.

To change plain impression first
Low nose

Low nose surgery is to make flat nose bridge to be beautiful
and naturally ideal higher nose, based on the whole face ratio.

To make sleek nose line
Hooked nose

Hooked nose surgery is to make  sleek nose line by refining
bulging bone near bridge of the nose and  showing more gentle look.

Not only considering outside but also under skin
Deviated nose

Deviated nose surgery is to change the  most ideal
nose by considering both bent outside and inside.

Attune length of the nose to your face
Long nose/Arrow nose

Long nose & Arrow nose surgery makes long nose to ideal length
of nose by caring individual’s facial ratio.

More refined
Short nose / Upturned nose

Short nose / Upturned nose surgery makes beautiful,
refined nose that is also have improvement in functional by caring individual’s facial ratio.

Correction of blunt tip of the nose
Boxy nose

Boxy nose surgery is to change  dull and clunky nose into a beautiful one,
according to your nose.

If you are worried about the surgery
Miss nose

It is a simple rhinoplasty making nose higher or stretch nose
longer by using tension principle of special thread, scafolder.

Before and After

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