Surgery duration





Post-operative treatment

3 visits required

Stitch removal

10~14 days

after surgery

Recovery period

2~4 weeks

What Is Endoscopic Forehead Lifting?

It’s one of anti-aging method that lifts entire upper face; saggy droopy eyebrow

and forehead, glabella crow’s feet and etc

It’s not just simply lifting saggy forehead but also get rid of elements or muscle and structures

that cause sagginess on forehead and eyebrow.

You can see the result of dull and aged impression to brighter and younger face effect.

Fresh Plastic forehead lifting will give you safer more satisfying result

with cutting edge high resolution endoscope device by subtle and detail surgery

Resolve forehead

and glabella wrinkle

Getting ptosis correction for

tiny and stuffy look due to

droopy eyebrows and eyelids

Improve violent, saggy impression

with adjusting eyebrow’s position

and angle

Fresh Endoscopic Forehead Lifting

Will Improve Also Functional Issue!

This Procedure Is Recommended For Those!

Who has depressed and aged look

Who has short distant in between eyes

and eyebrows along with wrinkles

Who has severe forehead line

and wrinkles

Who has heavy eyelid due to

droopy forehead

Who has severe glabella

and nose wrinkles

Who has severe crow feet wrinkles

Endoscopic Forehead Lifting Surgery Method


Make 2~5 points of

incisions inside of hairline


With full HD endoscope,

with checking position of nerves

and blood vessels and exfoliating

them delicately and accurately.


While looking at the endoscope,

incision and resection of the

vertebrae muscle, and exfoliate

the retention ligament.


With using

‘bone tunneling’ method,

adjust the shape of eyebrows

and forehead accurately.

(Depends on patient’s condition,

usage of Endotine can be decided to

pull the layer and fix firmly)

Endotine is the material that is approved by FDA,

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety andiIt helps to improve

natural wrinkles by holding the skin firmly so that

the force is not concentrated in one place and is evenly fixed

in the correct position.

Also, it induces collagen formation over time and naturally decomposes

in the body so, it's a bio-evolutionary material that's absorbed