Surgery duration






Post-operative treatment

Once after surgery

Stitch removal

10 days

after surgery

Recovery period


(Varies on individuals)

You Should Get Autogenous

Dermis Nasolabial Line Surgery at Fresh!

Fresh autogenous dermis nasolabial line surgery was made to reinforce nasolabial line

that couldn’t be improved with fat grafting after long period of study and researching.

First, to prevent scarring due to incision, it is performed by a wrinkle line incision in the hip area,

and the dermis with higher volume and survival rate than fat is separated through a high-level technique.

Harvested dermis will be transplanted on dermal layer of nasolabial line through delicate dissection

with using natural adhesion method.

This Fresh autogenous dermis nasolabial line surgery can be permanently effective after transplantation,

without irritation, making your nose look open or lifted.

How Autogenous Dermis Nasolabial Line Surgery is Done?

Harvest the dermis to transplant

on nasolabial fold, from crack

of buttocks.

Dissect dermal layer and

customize the harvested dermis

for patient’s nasolabial line condition.

Secure the space to insert

the dermis through incision

inside of nostril.

Fix the designed dermis on

dissected site with natural

adhesion method.