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Calcification / steatoma
Side-effect treatment

Calcificationtreatment - Removing
calcification While
maintainingits volume.

 Harden and bean-size lumps appear in the area where get fat grafting surgery. 
 We call it as calcified leisons. 

In some case, the size is as big as beans (or bigger than beans)  after fat grafting on face and breast.
However, base on our long experience, it was not calcification but mostly were over-injected fat or
steatoma which caused by non-implanted fat cells.

Calcified tissue shows white-changes on the X-ray picture
and also calcification accompany hardness

Conglomerated fat which caused by over-injection

The fat conglomeration caused by over-amount injection or big fat particles injection.
On top of that, it could be also caused by wrong after-care so that needs patients’ self-caution after surgery.

Cystosteatoma caused by over injection and the result of treatment

Cyst could dissolve gradually as the time goes by
but it could accompany severe pain and complex if it is exacerbated.

Calcification treatment with ultrasound equipment

Fresh is specialized in treating calcification as well.

Through the complete checkup, diagnosis and treatment,
we prevent its recurrence.


Hidden side-effect of fat grafting
The cause of cystosteatoma.

The key of fat grafting is

collected fat must be spread evenly whether injected
in fat layer or muscle layer.

However, in some case, fat is not evenly injected in and make conglomerations.
This is mostly caused by immature operating surgeons’
technic or lack of knowledge of tissue.

Fresh’s the way of fat injection

Our multilayered injection has small tissues,
that must be spread in
every fat layer and muscle layer.

Over-injected in special spot cases

Injected tissues are gather together
and become lumps.
It also causes side-effect from over injection.

After over-injection

Over injected tissues are being harder and harder byself-begotten cells from the outside tissues in our body

Facial fat grafting is

New blood vessels creation elevates
fat cells’ survival rate.

However, in over injecting case, close-set fat disrupt
new blood vessels’ creation that leads planted fat cells’ necrosis


Does cystosteatoma harm to our body?

Most of patients concern cystosteatoma but mostly, the size is approximately
0.5~ 1mm on face and 0.5cm ~3cm on breast when we check with ultrasound equipment.

Small size of cystosteatoma could be absorbed or stabilized in our body
but we recommend to remove the cystosteatoma if it is growing or appear multiply

Generally doctors prescript anti-inflammatory injection.
  Calcification causes inflammatory cells envelop death fat tissue and turn into stiff cyst.  
It could be dissolved naturally but in the other case, the result shows back and forth.

Fat Grafting Plastic Surgery clinic

There are numerous fat grafting

but very few clinics can deal with stiff calcification and
precious few of clinics can treat it by observing ultrasound equipment.


Fatty cysts after fat grafting,
calcificationIn general, breast surgeons go to the hospital for treatment
after a checkup.Multiple fat cysts and large size
Mammotome is recommended or ultrasound-guided aspiration.

 Fresh has been piles up tons of fat grafting cases.
We are not only performing surgery but also have been studied
its side effects and proper remedies.

The fat agglomerate caused by over amount injection or big fat particles injection.
On top of that, it could be also caused by wrong after-care
so that needs patients’ self-caution in daily life/ during the recovery period.

Ultrasound - induced aspiration

Ultrasound-induced aspiration method

Fresh remove cystosteatoma with high-functioning ultrasound- induced aspiration method which can find out even 0.1mm size of cyst.
Patients could see its improvement by simple aspiration procedure except for cystosteatoma shows degenerated or abnormal reaction

Confirm calcified areas by ultrasound
and then inject medication.

Decide angles of needle and injecting
direction through observing ultrasound picture.

Removing necrosis and inflamed tissues are the key of preventing recurrence during the treatment
period and this is way more important than get anti-inflammatory injection.

Adopting up-to-dates precisional ultrasound mechine
(SAMSUNG premium Ultrasound)

SAMSUNG Premium Ultrasound- H60

An Ultrasound equipment that made by IT leading company-Samsung
which can penetrate and observe under skin without radiation exposure
We find out hiding calcification with premium ultrasound equipment and then, proceed the treatment.
The strength of H60: H60 has strengthened Needle Mate function which that gives great sight of
ultrasound images that let us to observe biopsy needle position.
It helps us to lead dramatic cure solution of calcification treatment.

Digital TGC preset

Ultrasound’ penetration is decreased and it made us hard to observe cystosteatoma
if it exists under the deep tissue but H60 use TGC to compensate its defect.

Needle Mate

Needle Mates’ helps ultrasound shows clear vision of
biopsy needle on the screen.


It is a function that helps us to obtain wide-field view by
using successive ultrasound picture.

Being as a fat grafting and
liposuction clinic

 we will give you 100% of satisfaction with 
 our safe and accurate diagnosis system.