Fresh’s Chin Filler
For the Perfect V-line


 Choose Fresh? 

Our filler is injected not only on the dermis and fat layer,
but deep within the muscle layer for extended volume.
This helps create a more of a 3 dimensional look,
giving you a more naturally younger looking face.

Candidates for Chin Filler
Fresh has a Golden Ratio for all Types of Chins

  •      Receding Chin(Mouth Protrusion)
  • Due to your receding chin, your mouth may look more protruded.
  •      Flat or Square Chins
  • Filler will be injected towards the tip of your chin to create the V-line shape.
  •     Short Chins
  • Filler would be injected in the front and on the jawline to create more volume and a slimmer chin
  •     Round U-Shaped Chins
  • Round U-shapes can be shaped into a V for a slimmer looking face
  •     Jagged jawline due to Osteotomy or Implants

  • To fix the extra angle in your jawline due to another procedure, we fill the uneven areas for a smooth finish.
  •     Assymetrical Chins
  • Adjust asymmetric jaw line by injecting filler on chin.