Details of face lift

Surgery duration

Approximately 120~150mins



Post-operative treatment




Stitch removal

10th day after surgery

Daily life

Available after removing stitches

What is face lift?

As people age, due to droopy mouth area jawline which will cause deep nasolabial lines and bull-dog cheeks,
And face will change to angular shape and become bigger.
It’s the surgery to pull the skin and muscle after dissection through incision in front of ears.
It’s the most dramatic surgery among any other anti-aging surgery,
with out-standing effect and able to see the immediate improvement of whole face wrinkles.

Removes the traces of aging,
strong and semi-permanent effect

With minimal incision to minimize the scarring, and available to go back on the
date after surgery
With delicate and detail skill to fix the lifted each layer of skin and SMAS layer,
we present natural beauty.