Fresh plastic surgery model recruitment

Experience a miracle with FRESH!
We are recruiting beauty model!
Be a Fresh’s main model!

Application requirements for modeling

We are now recruiting plastic surgery model

 Who are very active on SNS

 Who are easy with taking photos and videos

For those applicants who pass the 1st round, we will contact you individually, but if you do not
receive any contacts from us within 2weeks, please disregard.

Followings are the types of recruitment

#Face fat grafting #face liposuction #body liposuction #breast fat grafting

#Implant(Face/Breast) #Rhinoplasty #Double fold(incisional/Non)

#Canthoplasty(Lower+lateral, Epicanthoplasty) #hip up/butt lift/hip lift

#petite (Filler) #mid-age antiaging, rejuvenation plastic surgery

#nasaloabial fold derma transplant #Gynecomastia

#over injected fat removal ( forehead, cheeks, ETC)

Process of recruitment

- Process of recruitment for FRESH model -

  • Send application
    via email
  • Documentation
  • Send E-mail
  • Selection of model
  • Final evaluation
  • Face to face

※ Photo attachment is mandatory when applying

Email application form

Please apply in the right form

1. Name / 2. Contract number / 3. Ageุ / 4. Gender / 5. Where you live / neighborhood /6. Height,Weight /
7. Followings are the areas of recruitment. (part of you want to get plastic surgery)
- Face fat grafting, Face liposuction, Breast fat grafting, Eye surgery, Body liposuction,
- petite (Filler,  Lift), Gynecomastia, Skin laser, Rhinoplasty,
- Nasolabial Fold derma transplant, hip lift, over-injected fat removal,
- Mid-age Anti-aging plastic surgery, canthoplasty (Epi,Dual),
- Vaudre Breast surgery(Implant+fat grafting)
8. Is this a revision case?
9. Please specify your plastic surgery history and your reason for appying
10. Attach photos at all three angles (front/45degree/profile) for each body part you want to
       get the surgery. Make sure you attach your flattering selfies as well.

45 degree

Taking pictures of front, 45degree (left/right) 90degree (left/right) like the samples will benefit you
for higher chance to be selected as a model
We will appreciate that if you send additional flattering selfies besides the ones required