The golden ratio for upper and lower lips are 4 : 6 Cupid’s Palace should have more volume and the top of the Cupid’s Bow should be approximate 10 degrees taller than the top of the Cupid’s Palace. Cupid’s Bow should have a smooth M-like shape while the bottom lips have more volume than the top. Commissures should slightly pull up as if you were smiling .

Pretty Lips Types of Procedures


  •       For the slim lower lip
  • The volume of the lower lip and the upper lip are injected in a 4:6 ratio, making it the ideal lip

  •       For the slim upper lip
  • Emphasizes the aesthetic proportion of the upper lip with the correction of the lips and the lip line

  •       If you want to stress on your ordinary lips
  • If the lip line is unclear, stress the upper center of the upper lip to sharpen the lip shape

  •       Slim lips in overall

  • Have them adjust the proportion of upper lip and loer lips, making lip lines and corner of the lips natural

  •       For sagging lip tails
  • Add a sense of volume to the upper lip tail, turning it into a brighter image

  •       For insufficient volume on the upper lip
  • It gives shape and volume by injecting plain lip line

  •       For lips without the cubic line
  • If the upper lip line is opaque, proceed with a sharp, balanced lip cubic procedure

  •       If you want to have a lumpy cherry-like volume look
  • Bottom line of the lower lip is not correct and the volume is injected into the crooked lip shape

  •       For the mouth covered with your lower lip
  • Adjust the ratio to match the volume of the upper and lower lips