Korean plastic surgery 

The overall face shape plays an important role in determining person’s image. 
In the case of fillers or fat graft,
the burden of surgery is less and recovery period is shorter.
However the effect does not last for a long time so it has to be done repeatedly
and it is difficult to make wanted shape.
For these reason implant surgery is receiving much attention.
Even if you’ve got small and slim face it is difficult to look pretty if your face is
flat when looked from side.
Beautiful baby face can be made by making volume in both sides of forehead,
nosolabial fold, front cheek and chin.
Fresh’s implant surgery makes harmonious 3 dimensional face
so making beautiful face line is possible.
More over you can get permanent effect from just one procedure.

Korean plastic surgery
Korean plastic surgery

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Volume to flat face
Front cheek Correction

Front cheek correction is surgery of making volume to face by using implant when you have flat front cheek.
Ladies with protuberant front cheek looks younger and brighter and look good when smile.
When flat front cheek is corrected by implant, not only making bright but also balanced face is possible.
Unlike fat graft or filler front cheek correction and keep volume permanently
and can make natural effect as it is possible to choose implant due to patient’s face line.

Having protruding side
cheek because
 of sunken eyes

Wanting volume to face

Wanting permanent
face volume

Wanting V-line face
Short chin surgery

Short chin which makes negative impact in both appearance and impression can be improved by implant. Short chin surgery is a way of making pretty profile and v-line when your chin is lying back by using most appropriate implant. You can have V-line more easily than bone surgery as surgery is done without osteotomy of front cheek and can change shape of chin line and shape. There for having vivid chin line is possible. Depending on the form of the individual’s face by using the most appropriate shape of the implant, the implant does not absorbed or change form, making smooth front chin permanently.

Short face

Unclear chin line
 and laying back chin

More chin line is
visible by short chin

Turning into baby face by simple way
Premaxillary Augmentation

Premaxillary augmentation makes baby face simply by implanting personalized prostheses to nosolabial fold. By putting silicone in the space between the nose and nosolabial fold making volume is possible. It is a most effective way of correcting sunken side of nose and protruding lip permanently using implant. You can get more natural shape as surgery is done considering individual’s soft tissue. You can have permanent 3 dimensional baby face by correcting nosolabial fold.

Looking older due to
deep nasolabial fold

Wanting permanent
effect than filler
or fat graft

Mild protruding lip

More cute and pretty
Dimple surgery

Dimple surgery makes point in simple face to cute and pretty smiling face. It is relatively simple procedure and can go back to daily life right after surgery. There are a lot of large and small surgeries to change image but change in smiling face could give greatest effect. Dimples have effect of making strong impression to soft image and making charming smiling face. So you can give positive and pleasing impression in first place. More over unlike eyes and nose it can be done simply and quickly, so when big change in short time is needed it is recommendable.

chin implant