Result of Nano Natural Adhesion double eyelid surgery

What is the NANO Natural adhesion double eyelid exclusively at Fresh?

This method creates natural adhesion between tarsal plates which focuses on the natural 
double eyelids. Also, preserving lymph around palpebral helps maintaining the circulation to 
help with swelling. Therefore, swellings after the surgery would go away faster and keeps its natural look.

Skin and its dermis’ natural adhesion result in natural double eyelid line.

Through doctor’s consultation, the surgery method would be considered and decided such as in-line/ in-out line/ out-line.

Surgery method of NANO natural adhesion double eyelids at Fresh

is suitable for

  • Patient with fat eyelids
  • Patient who has saggy skin due to use of double eye lid tape
  • Patient who is concerned about surgery scar
  • Patient who has sleepy eyes
  • Fierce looking eyes due to single eyelids
  • Patient who wants revision
  • Patient who wants unnoticeable surgery line even when eyes closed

NANO natural adhesion double eyelids method results

NANO natural adhesion double eyelids result


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