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I gained cleavages after the breast fat grafting!!
Side profile post full face fat grafting
There was a gap between the thighs that stuck together~
The upper body that seems too puffy, it’s the arm fat
Lose the belly fat for real!
Got the V-line!
High quality Harvest jet 2, breast fat graft
I’ve got a volume on the face after the fat grafting
Good bye, lumpy belly!
From the round face to sharp face
360 degree thigh liposuction
Getting rid of double chin!!
The Latest Ultrasonic liposuction!!!
Concerned with sagging abdomen?
Lovey face~♡
Resolve lower body obesity, body correction!
Found my V-line
Giving breast volume and removing unwanted fat at the same time
Tummy! extra love handle! Side fat! Good bye now!
Relocate the facial fat!
Slimed down arms!! Totally different fit!!
A tense face!
Changing the saggy hips to an apple hip~!
Return of the hidden V-line!
Illuminating impression from skinny face
Gain your confidence back with breast fat grafting!
V-line from 360 degrees by removing the saggy chubby cheek
From the flabby D-line → curvey S-line!
From a droopy facial skin to a youthful one
Saggy and bulky arms, slim it down
Straight leg liposuction!!!
Men need maintenance!
Who’s suitable for face fat graft?
Full body liposuction at Fresh!!
A total make-over with AccuzetVcontouring+facial fat grafting
A way to transform the fat belly to the slim line??!!
Unresolvable double chin has changed!!
Are you experiencing complications on your forehead?
I now have the cleavage!
A reborn, sharp jowl line!!!
Quad lipo before and after comparison!
Missing a volume on the face? There is a way!!
Showing off the waist after the abdomen lipo
Making it naturally longer and bigger, Dual canthoplasty!
With just one little change at Fresh, she turned into a whole new person!
This is it, if you want to give a full volume on your boops!!
A makeover without the bone surgery
What a makeover!!
Love wearing bikinis after the arm lipo
Can’t keep my eyes off of her
The perfect body shape! Was it the liposuction?
Refreshing, pretty woman~
Low nose bridge, small eyes, getting out of the complex
A cute and beautiful lady! Guess what???
A thigh fat that doesn’t leave no matter what, but gone at once!
From chubby to slim~
A total body make over!!!
The Quad-Liposuction, it works like a magic
Her make-over!
V-line face! Dolly look! defined jowl line!
From a Michellen arm to a skinny straight arm!
A story of a hot guy!!!
A success make-over from plain and skinny face to an elegant looking image!
AccujetV Contouring + Under eye fat repostioning
Change the bulkiness into smooth v line
OK! I’m ok with tight fit clothes!
Taking care of lumpy face line
Have chubby face, but skinny body?
The sharp chin line was found
Born with beauty? No! amazing make-over
Changing the bulky belly into a S-lined body~
Don’t stress out yourself with fat!
Is it possible to have fat grafting on the breast? YES!!
Saggy skin, lower eyebag, undefined chin resolved at once!
Very sharp chin line~!
Goodbye to chubby baby face~ Hello to new sophisticated look~
Butt up! With fat grafting
The quadlipo will help with the unwanted thigh fat!!
Change into smooth facial line and clean image
Slim and smooth arms before the Summer
Coordinator from our clinic also gets reliable results
Bloom with volume on the face from facial fat graft
This hot Summer! Get rid of your Michelline belly
Her dramatic slim face transformation Without the bone contouring
Full body Liposuction
Big face~ the problem is fat not the bone!
Sharper facial contour with AccuzetV contouring!
Facial lipo+fat grafting for smooth face contour
Get rid of the unwanted fat with Quad liposuction! For the wannabe S-line body!
Heavy arms! Saggy arms! Into thin and smooth arms!
Say No for Unnecessary facial fat
A way to look younger! Loveband Filler!
Don’t worry about the unresolvable facial fat
Found the hidden chin line!
From empty breast to full breast~
Smooth facial line with sharp image
Resolution for complex
Loveband filler~
Slender facial line post over-injected fat injection
Voluminous breast from flat ones with Harvest-jet2