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I’ve got a volume on the face after the fat grafting
Straight leg liposuction!!!
Getting the V-line without the bone contouring surgery
Full of life! Face fat grafting
Fully satisfied with arm liposuction!!
chubby cheek, double chin resolved
from the flat chest to the volume up breast~
The belly fat that was sticking out was refreshingly removed from the inside
A transformation of the cheek and the double chin after the face liposuction
Maintains the arm after the arm lipo!
Thigh liposuction! A definite difference!
I am so touched with the abdomen liposuction~
Buttocks fat grafting, an attractive hip!
A different daily life, before/after face fat grafting
Good bye to the facial fat!
Boost up your breast volume without others noticing it!
A natural dolly eyes! Sharp nose!
Slim bodyline
A key? Eyes+nose done together!
The extra flap on the abdomen into a fit abdomen~!
Looking very handsome with face fat grafting!
Skinny upper body!
Double chin gone
fuller volume after the breast fat grafting
hot place for eye surgery
face fat grafting review
Volume up! Elasticity up! With face fat grafting
Accuzet V contouring+ forehead restoration
Thigh liposuction! Escape from lower body obesity
So cute!!!
Easy body shape management! Beautifully! The way you actually can do?
Look refreshed with fat grafting!
Dreamed chest line
Find your hidden V-line!
clearer eyes
It’s not difficult to make slim arms~
What a difference!
What’s my golden ratio?
Change! Change your Image with face fat grafting!
Same clothes, a complete different body!
Make the eyes look bigger and beautiful with incisional ptosis correction!
Remove your facial fat and get the V-line~
Dolly eyes, sharp nose
Breast fat grafting like a magic
How to get a slim facial line
A place for the eyelid-revision!
A real review of thigh liposuction
People keep asking if I’ve done something to my face
The dramatic change of the abdomen liposuction
Relocate the unwanted fat into the breast~!
removing fat on the cheeks or double chin only can give you the smaller face~
An amazing arm liposuction!
male face fat grafting different from female’s
incisional ptosis correction+Dual canthoplasty+rhinoplasty
Apple hip completed!
Give volume to your breast!
Waist line make-over!
Slimmer arms!
No more connected one pieced thigh!
You can get the apple hip without the workout~!
A natural volume up!
How to get the slim line!
A definite change of the bodyline
How to lose the arm fat fast?!
High satisfaction
UP! Boosted self-esteem after the breast fat grafting!
3 months post op, fat grafting on the thigh depression
Slim face
Got my abdomen liposuction before the Summer vacation~
Change of the face contour!
How to get an apple hip!
Natural touch breast fat grafting!
Face got small!!!
waist size down
Double chin, bulky cheek removal!
Getting the curves you’ve been wanting!
A special method for returning back the facial volume?!!
If you are hesitant having the implant…The solution is??
A new line created after a full body liposuction!!
OMG!! What happened to the face?
A definite way to slim down your thighs!
Can you move back in time just in a day? #possible
It’s not too hard to make the apple hip!
Facial fat grafting! Breath for the sunken areas!
A full volume breast without the help of implant~!
A noticeable effect in a short period of time!
The slim face all of a sudden?? What happened?
Now I know why people go for arm liposuction!
Full face fat grafting without a turned off
If you want to increase your breast size without anyone knowing?!
Transformed profile!
Worried about the belly fat that doesn’t go away?
Fresh for male plastic surgery!
The body line has changed!
The golden ratio of face fat grafting!
The satisfying result of breast fat grafting!!
Getting away with lower body obesity!!
How do you get rid of the double chin??
Taking care of the loose belly
Removing the facial fat at once!