FRESH Plastic Surgery Real Story

Kind of surgery
Did I get?

Dr. Hong’s SOLUTION!

AccuzetVcontouring(facial liposuction)

Incisional ptosis correction


Chin filler

Forehead filler

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Selfie after the operation

※ Before and after photos taken from a real patient at Fresh

Before hitting on a girl

I called Fresh!

 How did I decide on the surgery?

A : Guys nowadays need a little bit of
touch up as well
When I saw guys changing
I knew I needed some change.
I actually didn’t know what to start with
And the estimate was very high
Not only they are good at fat grafting,
but eyes and filler
So I got almost everything
that can make me look younger
So I cleaned up my past!!


Without a hesitation

A man

Who does SNS

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