FRESH Plastic Surgery Real Story

Kind of surgery
Did I get?

Dr. Hong’s SOLUTION!

AccuzetVcontouring(facial lipo)

Diamond line facial fat graft

Lower eyebag reposition

Nasobial fold implant

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Selfie after the operation

※ Before and after photos taken from a real patient at Fresh

The biggest concern because I am a woman

I want to look beautiful so badly.

 How did I decide on the surgery?

A : “look different in real?”
I’ve heard it so many times..
Tired of photoshop
Not a smooth face contour with deep lines…
Never succeeded on my diet.
Pretty girls every SNS..
On the other hand…just photoshoping myself.
Myself looked so little
After so many years of these
Decided to get pretty at once.
From head to toe
No point looking pretty

Over-done Photoshop

Good bye

Self-esteem booster!