FRESH Plastic Surgery Real Story

Kind of surgery
Did I get?

Dr. Hong’s SOLUTION!

Accuzet V contouring (facial lipo)

Diamond line face fat grafting

Lower eyebag reposition

Aegyo filler

※ Consultation with Dr. Hong

Selfie after the operation

※ Before and after photos taken from a real patient at Fresh

No more lazy look!!

For the look it takes me
to the good places!

 How did I decide on the surgery?

A : I have heard of things ever since I was young.
“I look older than my age.”
“how long is your neck?”
I know those were type of jokes,
but it still hurts when I think about it.
I have tried to fast for few days to do
something about it
And tried other types of popular diets
Nothing seems to really work
I feel like the lower eyebag was getting worse..
So I tried web-surfing and found a clinic
Well known for the fat related plastic surgeries.
I got really nervous at first,
but after the consultation,
I was able to decide after so many considerations.

Remove and add on the

necessary areas

Successfully completed

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