FRESH Plastic Surgery Real Story

Kind of surgery
Did I get?

Dr. Hong’s SOLUTION!

Harvestzet2 breast fat grafting

Thigh quad liposuction

Accuzet V Contouring Facial Lipo

Diamond line facial fat grafting

※ Personalized consultation with Dr. Hong

Selfie after the operation

※ Before and after photos taken from a real patient at Fresh

From a rounded impression

More into a sophisticated look

 How did I decide on the surgery?

A : Because of the double chin and unbalanced
body shape and ratio.
Not only the dull looking image,
Non of the outfit looks good on me.
I’ve tried all kinds of massage therapy
And went on a diet together with work-out
There was no significant change
Weights on certain areas
Just don’t get lost. I thought.
In the meantime,
I heard of Fresh Plastic Surgery through a friend
And consulted with the doctor
I consulted about facial contour
and body line improvement
And got a fundamental advise
Without a doubt, I decided on the surgery

The one I wanted