FRESH Plastic Surgery Real Story

Kind of surgery
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Dr. Hong’s SOLUTION!

Diamond line facial fat grafting

Harvest-Jet2 Breast Fat Transfer

Whole-abdomen Liposuction

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Selfie after the operation

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 How did I decide on the surgery?

A : My aging started too fast for my age…
I gained fat only on a potbelly, not on my face.
That was really stressful throughout my diet.
I don’t get why I can’t remove potbelly while
my face gets slimmer.
But one day! After watching Dr.Hong’s
Youtube videos.
In that video he told he can remove
most of the fat.
If I get surgery there I thought that
I could get voluminous faceand
also remove all the fat from my potbelly.
I was so sure about this after
the consultation.