FRESH Plastic Surgery Real Story

Kind of surgery
Did I get?

Dr. Hong’s SOLUTION!

Accu-Jet V Contouring

(45degree+side zygoma,Front Zygoma,Cheeks,Double Chin)

Facial Fat Grafting

Miss Chin

Chin Botox

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Selfie after the operation

※ Before and after photos taken from a real patient at Fresh

You never knew this kind

of face line is exist

 How did I decide on the surgery?

A : Round face and short chin.
I heard a lot about my appearance is blunt and sulk.
I love to take photo but I feel insecure about my chubby face so
I always take selfies with beauty filters which make my
face slimmer.
And I hate taking photo of myself by someone else.

I don’t need to photoshop anymore since
I decided to get the surgery to get the same
look from the photo.

The surgery removed unnecessary fat and put
more volumes on my curves.
Now I got 3 dimensional looking I ever wanted on
my face. I truly enjoy taking photos.

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